Kim Kibum: Perhaps The Greatest Mystery In The History Of Kpop

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Alleged Super Junior member, Kim Kibum, has announced his departure from the group as well as SM Entertainment with an instagram post.

For the 10 years that Super Junior has been around, Kim Kibum has dodged in and out of relevance. Kim Kibum IS and WAS a mystery wrapped in an enigma and slapped with a big ol’ confusing bow. I never, and still don’t understand, what his role in the group was, and why it was so difficult for him to make the transition from idol to actor when half his agency has successfully done so. Especially since he left went on hiatus from the group to focus on acting, immediately following the massive success of their song “Sorry Sorry,” when the group, and his, stock was at an all time high.

He was someone who never really spoke up or out, who no one ever really talked about or asked about, and now the tie, that I’m not sure was ever really there, has finally been cut, and there’s no explanation.

Even though I am still incredibly confused, and slightly mad at how everything has played out, whatever this new life is, I wish you good luck with it, Kibum.

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One thought on “Kim Kibum: Perhaps The Greatest Mystery In The History Of Kpop

  1. I think they threaten him if he left so they only way he could continue a little bit was to do only a few drams because we all know anyone that wants to leave will be banned from everything. I think Kibum should have sued SME for the way he was treated . You know they did something bad to him. You just do not go on hiatus with out a real explanation and we still have not gotten the truth form SME. I read on a another site apparently there was a fight between Kibum and another member so SME banned Kibum but must have threatened him to stay quiet. Kibum was their moneymaker for Super Junior fpor a long time he did variety shows and dramas, Yet they did this to him. I wish him the best the only reason why i listened to Super Junior was because of Kibum i would have never have learned about Super Junior if it was not for Kibum.sad he was treated like crap but did not dare do what JYJ , Hangeng , Tao, Kris, Luhan , and No Min Woo did. They loved Kibum bringing in the money but then just dropped him . Hopefully someday the real truth will come out what really happened to him. SME never tells the truth so , hopefully Kibum will tell when he is ready . I am a big fan of his and love his dramas and wish the very best for him and cannot wait to see him in a drama again and loved his rapping.

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