Jakop (aka The Artist Formally Known As DMTN’s Simon) Delivers Pure Sexy & A Boring New MV

Screen Shot 2015-08-19 at 10.52.46 PM

Former DMTN member, Simon, has made is solo debut/comeback as Jakop (whatever that means….Japanese Korean Person?) with MV, “All Day, All Night.” featuring Zico’s brother, Taewoon, who is now apparently know as ₩uNo, former Dalmatian (DMTN’s original name) member DayDay, and After School’s Rania.

I so wanted to like this, because Simon was my favorite DMTN member, but it was just a big ball of boring. First, the video was completely mismatched with the video. Simon is dishing out these sweet vocals, there’s no bass for miles, yet there’s a party going on. Second, DayDay and ₩uNo’s raps were forgettable, and lastly, so was Raina’s part.

Former DMTN member Jeesu, now know as Kixs, also recently made solo comeback with “Birthday,” which went completely under the radar, so this video just help prove that not only does DMTN need to just find a way to reconfigure, but also that everyone involved here are stronger in their groups.

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