“Doctor Pepper” MV Is Out…CL Looks Pretty

Screen Shot 2015-08-14 at 10.38.40 PM

CL has made somewhat of an official US debut with the release of her MV for “Doctor Pepper.”

Although I really like this song, this video missed the mark for me. It lacked the finish we’re used to from CL as a member of 2ne1, I almost want to say cheap. There was a whole lot of standing around, and “blessed” posing, and walking to show off her clothes, and not much else. The video didn’t even remotely resemble anything we’ve seen of CL up until now, and not in a good way, so I wasn’t feeling it.

But, I guess this isn’t a good judge of how she will be in the American market, because even though CL was in just about every second of this MV, and she (according to Diplo) wrote the song, according to Scooter Braun, this isn’t her MV:

Still don’t like it.

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3 thoughts on ““Doctor Pepper” MV Is Out…CL Looks Pretty

      1. I don’t think of Rihanna but maybe the music video itself with all the booty shaking reminds me of Anaconda. But maybe in a different setting she can be more if a Rihanna.

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