Keith Ape Screws Himself, Ariana Grande Style


This story is ripe with irony, and I LOVE IT. So, Keith Ape, the man responsible for the ear-bleed inducing, semi-viral sensation, It G Ma,” just put both his feet, and some of Ariana Grande’s in his mouth.

“In Korea, there was no crew I’d want to be in besides the Cohort. “Because you know,” he adds, in English: “Korean rap, it sucks. Bad.” (Complex)

Did he think if he said it in English, people in Korea would never find out? Does he not realize how many people think HE sucks? Does he not realized that as A KOREAN BORN RAPPER, he is a CONTRIBUTOR TO KOREAN RAP, and therefore HE IS SAYING HE SUCKS?

Thankfully, someone, underground rapper TakeOne, addressed his ridiculous statement with a good old fashioned diss track:

Lyrics: Asian Junkie

Keith Ape clearly has never learned the NUMBER ONE RULE of Hip Hop and Rap, NEVER sell out, and NEVER forget where you came from.

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