T-ara Teaser Is A Bad Hair Cut & Even Worse Photoshop


T-ara is gearing up for a comeback and the group released a sort of sailor themed group teaser, which is nice, but can we talk about how sloppy this teaser is?


First and foremost, who ever photoshopped this, messed up Qri, Boram, Soyeon, and Jiyeon’s legs. They look all disproportioned, and Qri looks like something took a bite out of her ankle.

And, I don’t know if the stylist had something against Qri, but it looks like someone just blindly went in with scissors and hacked out some bangs, the curled it to cover up it up.

This is totally not fair to these girls, and really shouldn’t even have happened because we all know there isn’t an ounce of fat anywhere on them.

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