Netizens Are Mad ‘Cause C.A.P Is Justin Bieber-ing His Body


Basically netizens are mad because someone forgot to tell C.A.P he has no rights to own body.

[+1,511, -99] That’s despicable…

[+1,401, -117] Whats the difference between him and delinquents in Incheon?

[+1,316, -73] He probably thinks that makes him look good……

[cred: Koreaboo]

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8 thoughts on “Netizens Are Mad ‘Cause C.A.P Is Justin Bieber-ing His Body

    1. Absolutely. I can’t believe netizens are trying to make him seem like a criminal (like ppl did with Justin Bieber) because of tattoos. I thought we lived in a time where tattoos no longer had negative connotations.

  1. some people be so stupid… he is a grown man and has the right to get tattoos… i think the only people that might have a opinion that might matter would be his record label… but even then it’s still his body…

      1. i like tattoos but it depends on the person, the persons “personality” and the tattoo itself… GD looks good with tattoos and his “personality” matches his tattoos… It’s kind of like Yoseob from Beast getting tattoos… His personality just doesn’t match that of someone who has sleeves… But everyone has a different opinion…

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