Under The Radar: Mamamoo


The world of Kpop is a big one, and with just about 50 groups debuting every day it’s easy to miss the diamonds among the many rough. Cue our newest feature, “Under The Radar,” where we bring you the Kpop stars that we feel are under-appreciated, in need of a shout out, or just deserving of a place on your playlists!


Debut: 2014Music Style: Retro Jazz Fusion 

Mamamoo burst onto the Kpop scene in June of 2014, and have been wowing us, and other Kpop fans with their unique stage presence, power vocals, and confidence ever since.

So, what’s keeping this group from being as big as other girl group’s like Girl’s Day, 2ne1 or Sistar?

Mamamoo 6

Thanks to letdowns like the disappointing and perhaps overhyped return of the Kings of KpopBig Bang, 2015 has not been a great year. And with an oversaturated industry that’s continually putting out the same type of music the few who have managed to release great music have been buried underneath the oversexed, and super sweet.

Mamamoo has managed to catch my attention, however, up to par choreography (something I wasn’t expecting), out of this world vocals, a distinct Retro-Jazz flare, and refreshing stage presence.

They aren’t looking to pump out one trend then move on the next, but instead stay true to what they do best, while still giving fans touches of what they love best about the rest of Kpop. Simply put, Mamamoo is the breath of fresh air your iPods have been begging for!

Check out Mamamoo’s latest release, “Uh Ah Oh Yeh,” and other music videos on YouTube!

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