To Netizens’ Dismay Jiyeon Found Someone to Love Her & He’s An ACTOR! LIGHT THE TORCHES!

Jiyeon & Lee Dong Gun

T-ara’s Jiyeon has a new beau! The 22 year old singer is dating 34 year old actor, Lee Dong Gun, and her mortal enemies, netizens, are so pissed off I just had to share a few of the hate comments they left for the new couple:

[+3,753, -144] What would Lee Dong Gun lack to be dating her!!! Dispatch, get out there..

[+1,082, -54] Lee Dong Gun just earned himself a lifetime of hate

 [+1,015, -48] Hul…??? The Lee Dong Gun I know is dating Jiyeon???? First time I’m thinking the male could do better..

 [+948, -44] Come on, she has to be blackmailing him into this or something. ㅜㅜ

[+2,321, -99] His standards in women are that low?

[+180, -4] There’s a 13 year age gap but it’s ironically the older side that could do better ㅋㅋ

 [+9,995, -636] It’s like watching an innocent company man dating a woman who hangs out at clubs… a second Choiza and Sulli couple [cred: Asian Junkie]

I can feel the hate from here! Too bad for netizens’ and their opinions though, because I doubt know this couple don’t give a single fucks what people think:jiyeon-lee-dong-gun-2

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4 thoughts on “To Netizens’ Dismay Jiyeon Found Someone to Love Her & He’s An ACTOR! LIGHT THE TORCHES!

  1. Some netizens are simply nuts… Do they have nothing better to do? I would love to see their faces and understand why they are so confident about their own credentials… SMH

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