[We’re Bi-List] Tiffany’s Fav 5 Big Bang MVs


Big Bang is taking over the Kpop scene with their monthly comebacks following a LONG 3 year hiatus, and there’s no better way to celebrate the greatness than to play favorites.

As we continue to enjoy their latest releases, and wait for their next batch of greatness, here are my 5 favorite Big Bang videos!

1. Haru Haru

Without a doubt, my most favorite song and music video of theirs. The first time watching it I almost cried because of how well they hit upon the emotional aspects of the song. And its also my favorite role of .

2. Beautiful Hangover

I feel this song doesn’t get alot of love, especially when referring to the music video, but I feel its one of their best shot videos (partly because of T.O.P in a suit).

3. Lies

This is another one of those classic Big Bang videos.  The clothes, shopping carts, the dance, seeing how far Big Bang has come with this being one of their very first hits you can’t but feel proud. Also why is G-Dragon always the only one running in their videos??

4. Loser

It may be new, but that doesn’t make it any less amazing. “Loser” packs an emotional punch with member dealing with their own demons and problems of life, from T.O.P being a player who uses woman while feeling used himself to Daesung repeatedly getting beat (a nod to his past incident). The video shows the guys at their lowest points of life, which make it real, and really memorable.

5. Fantastic Baby

And last, but CERTAINLY not least is the group’s go to party starter. This music video is just fun to watch (and dance, and sing along to) in spite of it’s special Big Bang brand of chaos and weird. Plus, their performance of this song at the MAMAs three years IN-A-ROW, is proof it’s impossible to get tired of it.

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2 thoughts on “[We’re Bi-List] Tiffany’s Fav 5 Big Bang MVs

  1. “Beautiful Hangover” is one of my favorite songs by Big Bang… I cant pick between “Beautiful Hangover” or “Tell Me Goodbye” as my favorite sing… But T.O.P in a suit is just heart stopping…

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