SBS Announces Allegance To #TeamEXO, Bans Big Bang From Inkigayo

SBS has banned Big Bang from Inkigayo after G-Dragon and T.O.P departed early from the show’s recording to record footage for their upcoming MADE ‘Series D’ MV, and were not there to accept Big Bang’s win.

This comes amidst this ridiculous comeback war between VIPs and EXO-Ls, and has, of course, ignited the wrath of VIPs, who are accusing the show of somehow messing with voting resulting in SHINee’s win the week prior.

Being that YG and SBS are known to have a really good relationship, one that has drawn much criticism in the past, I find it sketch that SBS would f*ck it up over something pretty minor, especially since not long ago Sulli was nowhere to be found when f(x) was promoting “Red Light,” for less pressing reasons.

This can only mean SM must have bought everyone at SBS a house and paid their children’s college fees, and that soon SBS will be announcing that they have joined hands with Woollim and are now a SM slave subsidiary.

Now that lines have been drawn in the sand, with MNET joining #TeamBigBang & #TeamYG (after deleting “Love Me Right”), and SBS on #TeamEXO & #TeamSM, who’s team are you on?

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