[Concert Coverage] Epik High Puts On An Epic Show For NYC

Concert Coverage [Epik High In NYC]

Epik High took to the Best Buy Theater stage on Friday night, June 12th, to a packed house for the first of two NYC shows on their North American Tour.

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And We’re Off…

First off, I have been to the Best Buy Theater two times prior, to see LeeSsang and FTISLAND, and while the lines were long then, Epik High’s was monstrous, giving a hint to just how successful the trio’s North American Tour has been. The line wrapped around from 44th Street at the entrance to 45th Street and onto 8th Avenue, and, clearly the venue and organizers were not prepared for the number of people that showed up because by the time I got in the show was already 20 minutes in, and the light sticks were finished.

However, it didn’t take long for the trio to make me completely forget that I had missed anything. Epik High had an energy that is unmatched by any group I’ve every seen, were complete comfortable with being on stage and in front of so many fans, and to top it off, were incredibly funny. Even though Tablo did a majority of the talking, being the group’s English speaker, all the member took time to talk, and didn’t take it to seriously that they weren’t speaking perfect English, and were hilarious.

Feels Run High

I have never felt a need to cry during a concert, in fact I’ll admit often may fun of those who do, but I felt the emotions when Tablo took a moment to talk about the success of their North American tour, saying that they hope the group and their music could serve as inspiration and proof that things get better because ‘there was a time when they didn’t think they would be returning to the stage and making new music, but fans made it possible again. And, if we could do something like that for them from across and ocean why can’t we do it for ourselves.’ The most inspirational moment was that Tablo was able to laugh at a serious rough patch he went through in 2010 about his attending Stanford University.


Overall, Epik High tied with Big Bang as THE best concert experiences I’ve ever had. It was funny, it was touching, and it was extremely energetic, and if I cannot wait to have a second chance at seeing them live again.

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