SNSD Continues To Ruin SM’s Credit, Yuri’s Got A Jock BF

83646e78f81612242a5b1fe5632db489.jpgAnd another Kpop star is off the market.

SM Entertainment has recently confirmed the dating rumors between Girl’s Generation member Yuri to Oh Seung Hwan, of Japan’s Hanshin Tiger’s baseball team. The label was quoted as saying:

“They met each other at the end of last month at a meeting with mutual friends. They’re getting to know each other and like each other.


Sunday News broke the story early Sunday morning including pictures that Dispatch released of the couple enjoying a date on Christmas Eve. According to Sunday News the two have been dating since last November with an insider saying “There were other people there other than Yuri and Oh Seung Hwan, but you could easily tell that they were a couple. It was nice to see him taking such good care of her.”

Once news broke about the dating scandal, it was reported that SM Entertainment’s stocks dipped 3.12% (less than the 4.03% drop JYP Entertainment experienced after miss A’s Suzy relationship with Lee Min Ho was revealed). The good news is, the stocks dropped 30 minutes before the report came out, meaning investors were most likely made aware of things before hands. Plus, based on the positive comments Korean and International fans have written on social media, SM and SNSD doesn’t seem to be in too big of danger

Yuri is the latest SNSD member to join the dating scene. First news broke last year of YoonA dating actor-singer Lee Seung Gi, then Sooyoung with actor Jung Kyong Ho, Tiffany and 2PM’s Nichkhun, finally Taeyeon and fellow labelmate EXO’s Baekhyun.

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