This Is Not A Drill!: Big Bang To Return, Drops Trailer for ‘MADE’ Tour

Big Bang- Made

It’s finally happening people! Big Bang is back.

As the beginning of that now famous song goes, Big Bang is finally back. Fans have been teased for months that the group will be putting out new music soon but nothing had been confirmed, until now. Their much-anticipated album MADE will be released on May 1st. As if fans needed another incentive to purchase the album, YG will release new songs from the album every month until September 1st. YG Entertainment officials talked with Star News and stated the reason for the album title:

“As this is a comeback in a long while, Big Bang had been working on this album with their best effort for a long time. Thus, because it is a new album that has been completed through a course of a long period of time, we decided to title it ‘MADE’. ‘MADE’ is a word that is also used when something great has finally been achieved.”

Big Bang will commemorate the album release by kicking off their World Tour (also titled ‘MADE‘) in Seoul dates April 25 & 26th. The tour will consist of 70 performances and will be touching down in 15 countries. Everyone be on your toes as Big Bang might be coming to a city near you!

Check out the groups dramatic, cinematic trailer for their upcoming tour:

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