#SlowNewsDay: Freckles = Caucasian, A Model Has Long Legs & An Anti-Selfie Movement


It was quite an eventful week for Kpop with the news of #HoZy, EXO releases, and the Lee Tae ImYewon video leak, but in between the drama were a few dull days, which meant some good old fashioned junk news. And that means one thing!

It’s time again for #SlowNewsDay!

Kyungri Has Legs For Days


Having Freckles Makes You White

Koreaboo is back with another ridiculous listicle that basically claims all a person needs to look white, besides fair skin, are some freckles.

KpopStarz Rejects The Words Selfie & Selca

Perhaps they’re trying to take a stand against social media trends or some nonsense like that, but KpopStarz is absolutely refusing to use the words Self Taken Photo.

More of the Anti-Selfie Movement here, and here.

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