Lee Tae Im/Yewon Scandal Proves MBC Does Not Like Lee Tae Im & Yewon Is A Slick One

Lee Tae Im & Yewon

Earlier this month a pretty big scandal came about after a story from the set of Tutoring Across Generation made headlines that said veteran actress, Lee Tae Im, had gone on a ego trip and unleashed all her diva on an innocent Yewon because she spoke informally. People from the set claim that Yewon was basically berated, and had remained respectful, and calm the entire time. Her agency, Star Empire Entertainment even insisted:

Yewon never spoke informally to her.”

Lee Tae Im was accused of yelling the following:

Why are you talking to me informally? You fucking crazy bitch, do you want to end your entertainment career? Now that your fame has gone up a bit, has your sense of respect and manners disappeared? If you keep acting like a smart ass, you’re going to be dead.

The stur resulted in Lee Tae Im leaving the show, and apologizing to Yewon even though she insisted the full story had not been told:

“It seems like everyone is trying to kill me when they don’t even know everything. I’m having a really hard time… I’m also seriously thinking about whether to leave the entertainment world.”

Well, now a video of the incident has been leaked and well…Little Miss Yewon is no angel.

Lee Taeim: Hey~~
Yewon: Is it cold? (Formally)
Lee Taeim: Ya it’s really cold you should try going in
Yewon: No (Informally)
Lee Taeim: You don’t want to? It’s okay for other people to go in and you just want to watch?
Yewon: No No (Informally)
Lee Taeim: Are you speaking informally?
Yewon: No No (Informally)
Lee Taeim: Do I look like a pushover?
Yewon: It’s just cold (Informally) Unni you don’t like me do you? (Formally)
Lee Taeim: Why are you looking at me like that
Yewon: Huh? (Formally)
Lee Taeim: You can’t see straight right now can you (You don’t know your place)
Staff: Huh huh? What?
Lee Taeim: Fu——ing bi—— really
Staff: Why are you doing this Taeim
Lee Taeim: She’s speaking informally to me who does this bi—— think she is?
Staff: Let’s just get out of the way come on come on
Lee Taeim: Fix your stare if you don’t want to get beat up. The fact that you’re a celebrity you’re going to forever, forever…
Staff: Director!!
(Lee Taeim leaves the scene)
Yewon: That crazy bi—— really
Staff: You did nothing wrong

What I got from the video is that Yewon is quite the sneaky one. Lee Tae Im called her out on using informal language, which as we all know by now, if you haven’t been given permission to do so, is INCREDIBLY disrespectful in Korea. Rather than using formal language, Yewon continued to use informal language, something Star Empire swears she didn’t do, to answer Lee Tae Im, as if to taunt her, but it wasn’t until a staff member walked up that we see Yewon switch to formal language.

That, understandably would piss anyone off.

But, what I find super odd is the fact that after this video has been leaked, and fans have turned on Yewon, asking for her removal from We Got Married, MBC is still acting like Yewon was the victim. Word has it Lee Tae Im is not the nicest person, but still she was pretty much forced to leave her job, had her image damaged (’cause netizens were basically hunting her down) and now that the truth is out she doesn’t even get an apology from Yewon or some vindication. I think a certain broadcast company wanted a certain actress off their show, and this was the best way to do it.


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