#EargasmAlert: MFBTY Drops “Bucku Bucku” MV And It Is All

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MFBTY is back! Well not officially, that happens on the 19th, but they dropped their MV for “Bucku Bucku,” one of three title songs from their upcoming 16 track album “Wondaland.”

Wondaland Tracklist

But, on to “Bucku Bucku.” Basically, it is awesome, and it is everything and all things.

MFBTY serves up everything a Hip Hop fan could ever want. Good music. Even better rapping. And no f*cks. I live for this unit group and they have never failed me. Thanks to“Bucku Bucku” I’ve been introduced to a nifty electronic duo named EE and I got a little idol flare thrown in without the cheesiness. Rap Monster really impressed me by holding his own with this veteran group.

As for the album, their other confirmed title song is, “방뛰기방방 (Bang Diggy Bang Bang),” but my biggest concern is “Fart Dance” by Yoon Mirae & Tiger JK’s son Jordan because well is sounds interesting as I don’t know what.

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