#SlowNewsDay: Actors Work, Idols Get Paid & K-Celebs Are Humans


While the world of K-Entertainment has its fair share of drama, unfortunately, every day is not a breaking news day. So, we’re filling the void with a rounding up the interweb’s most unnecessary, and down right boring news update from Hallyuwood.

Actors Lose Weight For Roles

Yup. K-Drama Star thought it was important for us to know that actors are doing their jobs

Netizens Still Trying to Catch Sulli & Choiza

Didn’t these two confirm their relationship already? Why are we trying to catch them in the act…still?

K-Celebs Get Awarded For Doing What Millions Do

YoonA and Song Seung Hun got awards for paying their taxes. M’Kay…

Idols Have Allergies…Half Of Which Are Not As Weird As Was Promised

Yeah, Koreaboo is the king of posting void fillers. But, come on, if your gonna promise a list of weird allergies, I shouldn’t have heard of 80% of them.

K-Celebs Take Pictures With Perfume

Apparently when two celebrities get their picture taken with something, that makes it am “It” Item.

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