Rumor Mill: EXO Track Leaked & It’s A Mess

EXO (2)

Déjà vu strikes SM once again. An EXO song has maybe, possibly been leaked, just like with the group’s last two title songs, Wolf and “Overdose.” I highly doubt that this track has anything to do with EXO (though the evidence is damning), but if this is the actual song, I doubt this is the final cut, since that wasn’t the case the with “Wolf,” but if history has taught us anything it’s probably pretty close. And it’s bad.

All the breathy commands to “Call Me Daddy,” and asking to hit from the back are just…

Netizens have done a good bit of handy work, and their evidence as to why it is a EXO track is pretty convincing. First off these two choreographers, Napoleon and Tabitha Dumo, have added EXO’s “Call Me Daddy” to their resume along with fellow SM artists Super Junior, SNSD, and DBSK.


Also, the person singing the song, which you’ll hear below, is named Claude Kelly, who isn’t a stranger to the Kpop world either, he worked with Wonder Girls back in 2011.

But enough about that. Take a listen to the boys’ alleged comeback track, and tell us if this makes the wait for their comeback a little easier.

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