[March Madness Giveaway] Fandom Face-Off

Fandom Face-Off [Giveaway]

This year’s March Madness tournament is on a mission to find Kpop’s best fandom. But, this year we’re giving you a chance to win big! If your fandom makes it to the end and wins, you could win a copy of your group’s CD. Here’s how it works

How to Win:

1. Follow Asia 24/7 on Twitter @asia_247

2. Vote for your fandom!

3. After you’ve cast your vote for the 1st time send us a tweet (@asia_247) with the name of your fandom and #247FandomFaceOff
4. Check in everyday to vote and make sure your fandom is leading!!

Remember, while only one tweet is necessary, you MUST keep voting to make sure your Fandom advances to the next round. ONLY people who tweet us, and whose fandom WINS will be eligible to win a CD.


One (1) copy of the latest CD from the group with the winning Fandom

Ex. If Sones are the winners of the fandom face-off, we will pick one person, who tweeted us that they are Team Sones, and they will win one copy of “Mr.Mr.”

Blackjack: Crush

Pink Panda: Pink Luv

4Nia: Crazy

Sone: Mr.Mr
Say A: Hush Star1: Touch & Move Dai5sy: Everyday 3

VIP: Alive

EXO-L: Overdose Cassiopeia: Spellbound Shawol: Everybody

ELF: Mamacita

Inspirit: Season 2 B2uty: Time Hottest: Go Crazy

Boice: Can’t Stop

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