[March Madness] Fandom Face-Off

Fandom Face-Off [Bracket- Round 1]

It’s March, and that means one thing. MARCH MADNESS! This year’s March Madness tournament is on a mission to find Kpop’s best fandom. There are just too many to count so we chose 16 of Kpop’s biggest, most outspoken, and well known fandoms to duke it out in four rounds of our Kpop styled showdown. Voting for Round 1 ends at 11:59pm on March 2nd, so get your votes in!

Don’t forget to find out how you can win a copy of your favorite group’s CD by voting!

#Dai5ys VS. #Cassiopeias

#Dai5ys VS. #Cassiopeias


#VIPs V. #4Nias

#VIPs VS. #4NIAs

#ELFS V. #Hottests

#ELFs VS. #Hottest

#PinkPandas V. #Boices

#BOICEs VS. #PinkPandas

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 11.57.43 PM

#EXOLs VS. SayAs

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 12.03.18 AM

#Blackjacks VS. #B2UTYs

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 11.52.24 PM

#Shawols VS. #Star1s

#SONES V. #Inspirits

#SONEs VS. #Inpirits

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