Lee Min Jung Is Pregnant, and This Blogger Called It!

Lee Byung Hun & Lee Min Jung

Lee Min Jung is pregnant!

Yes, only a few weeks after Dahee and Lee Ji Yeon were sentenced for extorting Lee Byung Hun, and a few months after it was revealed that he probably cheated on his wife, the married couple has announced they’re expecting, 27 weeks in:

“It’s a blessing to be welcoming a baby into a family, but we were initially hesitant to announce this, due to the recent unfortunate circumstances. We also had to take her condition into consideration before revealing the news about her pregnancy. Please understand why we had to be careful about revealing her pregnancy to the public…Please send blessings and encouragement with a warm heart to Lee Min Jung, who is taking her first step toward becoming a mother.”

This is really crazy timing, and I imagine staying with Lee Byung Hun was probably a haaard decision for this Lee Min Jung, but congratulations to her anyway.

But, on to the real reason for this post….I want all to know that yours truly called this waay back in September:

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