24K’s Byungho: Idol By Day, Family Man At All Other Times


The new year is getting off to a scandalous start!

Byungho (red hair in the center) of rookie idol group, 24K, is being said to have kept a secret family since October of last year! A secret from fans, and a secret from his AGENCY, Choeun Entertainment.

Apparently at the ripe old age of 24, Byungho got hitched in October, and then in November had himself a baby.

The thing is, Byungho stopped promoted with the group in 2013, only a year after their debut, due to chronic back pain so he was on hiatus as far as his agency’s knew, but since this news/rumor surface, Choeun Entertainment has heard not a peep from Mr. Byungho.

“The marriage is news to us…[Byungho] was not participating in group promotions due to chronic back pain. We are looking into the situation.”

I know nothing about 24K, and I doubt many of you out there do either since their last video, which was released  A YEAR AGO has barely clocked over 500,000 youtube views. However, this is pretty shocking news coming from the Kpop world. I know this isn’t a well known group, but a secret family is a BIG secret to keep as an idol, especially from one’s agency.

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