Kangnam’s Manager Learns Don’t Come For Him, Unless He Sends For You

KangnamM.I.B’s Kangnam shared an interesting story on MBC’s I Live Alone about a time he had to set his manager straight.

So, one day Kangnam was hungry, and decided to make himself two packs of ramen noodles. His manager, upon finding our he was eating two, had this to say:

“You should eat just one. You’re going to gain weight.”

But, Kangnam set him straight immediately:

“You’re really making me lose my appetite [by saying that]. You’re the one that needs to lose weight first. You’re becoming Doraemon. I’m getting fat because you’re getting fat. Shouldn’t the manager lose weight first so I can think, ‘Hey, I should lose weight too?’ You’re always like this to me. “

With egg on his face, his manager responded:

“Let’s exercise together”

Kangnam didn’t let the interruption stop him from enjoying his mean, because he ate both packs anyway.

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