Random Accuses Tae Yang of Plagiarizing “Eyes, Nose, Lips,” Ben Baller Gets Thug On YG’s Behalf…Again

Tae Yang

So some guy named Derrick Bullock is crying copy cat. He is claiming that Big Bang’s Tae Yang plagiarized his song, Change Me.”

Derrick claims he had this song since 2008, but it was stolen by Korean, and now by Tae Yang:

“Derrick Bullocks single (written 4 years ago contrary to popular belief) documentation and dated video feeds are available from 2008 video taping me composing this music. It DOES NOT belong to a Korean band – it was stolen from me and used in music in Korea 4 years ago. Before you start telling Derrick he stole this music, get your facts straight. Video and paper documentation are available for proof that all rights belong to Derrick Bullock.”

I am just gonna hold up my VIP flag crown, and call bullshit on this guy.

If you listen to his iTunes preview of the song, it sounds really crappy like it was recorded in a warehouse by a sick cat, and it was released 2 months after Tae Yang’s. It does, however, sound like “눈,코,입 (Eyes, Nose, Lips).”

YG has blocked his video for the song, and released this statement:

“We are aware of the issue at hand and we are internally preparing to deal with the matter.”

However, Ben Baller has taken upon himself to deal with it externally by making thug-a-boo Twitter threats:


If you remember this isn’t the first time Benny Boy has gotten buck on YG’s behalf. Remember when Kemy of A.Kor dissed 2ne1’s Park Bom:

“If you’re old enough to talk sh*t, then you are old enough to get your ass kicked”

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