[The Year’s Best] Awards, Honors, and Honorable Mentions

We’re saying farewell to 2014 by handing out a few honorary mentions and awards to the year’s weirdest, funniest, dumbest, and winningest moments in K-Entertainment!

The Equal Opportunity Award for 'Being In The Right Place At The Right Time'

The 2014 Equal Opportunity Award for ‘Being In The Right Place At The Right Time’

Zhou Mi

Runner Up: Tao

SM needed to prove that they love Chinese people, so they threw a bone to their resident Chinese native, Zhou Mi of Super Junior M. A solo career is all fine and dandy, but we’re think making him an official member of Super Junior would have done the job of quieting rumors AND given this man some purpose.

Real Life Meme of the YearReal Life Meme of the Year


Runner Up: Kim Kardashian

Zion.T haunted our Instagram feeds, and our dreams when he bleached his eyebrows, apparently just to appear in Gaeko’s “No Makeup” MV. We think he misread the title.

The 'It's 'Bout Damn Time' Award

The ‘It’s ‘Bout Damn Time’ Award


We begged, we pleaded, we beseeched (Golden Girls reference!) and by gum it finally happened. 3 years later, JYJ returned to the music scene. Granted they still couldn’t promote anything but at least we got a CD…that deserves some recognition.
Most Forgotten Name In Kpop

Most Forgotten Name In Kpop


Poor Jino. An original member of SM the Ballad, Jino was slatted to make some kind of official debut under SME, but of course it never happened. Then earlier this year SM the Ballad announced it’s return, but Jino was nowhere to be found, and there was NO explaination about his whereabouts from the agency. We’re thinking that after releasing Henry from the dungeon the keeper forgot to keep going back to feed Jino….and…well…
Worst Group Name

Worst Group Name


The interweb seemed to love this group’s debut, and while their explanation that the name means “to adorn” checks out, we still think someone at their agency forgot to turn on autocorrect.
The 2014 Yeezus Foundation Honoree

The 2014 Yeezus Foundation Honoree


T-ara needed to follow in Yeezy’s footsteps and put a warning label on their music video for “Sugar Free,” cause all of the flashing lights were a health risk.

Most Obvious Use of a Foreigner as a Prop

The Crown J Award for ‘Most Obvious Use of a Foreigner as a Prop’


Runner Up: Kang Gary

HyunA might have managed to slip this one past the public under the cover of her risqué lyrics, but she couldn’t get it past us. We’re calling her out for the absolutely pointless appearance of an oiled up black guy in her “Red” MV.

Mr & Mrs Smith Award

The ‘Mr and Mrs Smith’ Award

Jo In Sung & Gong Hyo Jin

They deny it, but in our hearts, we know.

 The G-Dragon GZB Phase Foundation Honoree

The G-Dragon GZB Phase Foundation Honoree


It’s clear Key was channeling G-Dragon and his no pants phase when he walked through the airport in a pair of hot pants. While it wasn’t earning him any best dressed shout outs, it did make for the most memorable airport fashion of the year.

Basically Ruining It For Everyone

The Daniel Choi Award for ‘Basically Ruining It For Everyone’

Dahee of GLAM

GLAM was already on it’s way off the Kpop radar, but member Dahee sealed the deal for the group when she got caught trying to embezzle money from one of Korea’s biggest names in movies and television, Lee Byung Hun.

Most Popcorn Friendly Drama

The Orville Redenbacher Award for ‘Most Popcorn Friendly Drama’

Jessica vs. SME

Not since the invention of motion pictures has the popcorn industry seen such a boost in sales. Jessica and SM Entertainment had us all chomping down on the buttery good snacks as they let accusations, and rumors fly  following Jessica’s removal from Girls’ Generation.

Most Confuzzling Music Video of the Year

Most Confuzzling Music Video of the Year

Mamacita (아야야)

We just don’t know what was happening, and a part of us feels like Super Junior didn’t either…hence the constant cries of “aiyaiyai.”

Excellency in Trolling

The Life Time Achievement Award for ‘Excellency in Trolling’

YG, and his mini-mes Big Bang

This one is a two way win between Papa YG, and his right hand trolls Big Bang. Since 2013 we’ve been promised a Big Bang comeback. First it was coming in spring, then summer, then fall, then…soon. We don’t mind so much that they’ve been on hiatus for 2 years, the problem is that Big Bang comebacks are no trolling matter!!
Did we leave out a K-Celeb you think was deserving of some recognition?
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