Masta Wu’s “이리와봐 (Come Here)” Is Nothing But a Catchy Chorus. Bobby Should Be More Sparing With His Features

Masta Wu

Masta Wu’s new song “이리와봐 (Come Here)” is just a crying shame.

The ONLY redeeming aspect of this was the chorus. It was catchy, and it was a good foundation for something that could have been great, but then the rapping and music video happened…

The first, and most annoying problem was Dok2. He continues to make me dislike him the more he does…things. He basically took his feature on this song to do what he does on Instagram and show off all his shiny expensive stuff, and it’s AH-nnoying! I want this man go sit somewhere until he gets his rap game together, and stop littering my Youtube and Instagram feeds with pictures of Jordan’s, diamonds, and cars. Nobody cares what you got, bro!

Next, is the issue of the video. Not really sure what’s going on here, it just seems to be a whole lot of the typical “let me look tough, let me look bad ass, let’s throw in a half naked girl or two” and not a lot of making sense.

Lastly, is the issue of Bobby. Bobby is new to the YG Family, is getting ready to make his official debut, and I think not all offers are good offers. He didn’t need to be on this track, it did nothing to show of his ability. It was just a waste.

I think “이리와봐 (Come Here)” proves that veterans don’t always make good decisions. Perhaps YG can let Epik High run free and do as they please with their music, but Masta Wu needs a little helping hand. What he REALLY needs to do, is round up DM (Digital Masta), and get back on that YMGA grind.

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