GIF Appreciation: Thankful Edition

[GIF Appreciation] Thankful Edition

2014 wasn’t K-Entertainment’s best year, but ’tis the season to look on the brighter side. Here are a few things we found to be thankful for this year:

JYJ Finally Doing Something Musical

We’ll accept the CD and MV

D’Angelo and His Influence on Tae Yang

Jo In Sung & Gong Hyo Jin Making a Drama Couple Real


Lee Kwang Soo Having The Winningest Year

YG’s Way of Making Up For No Big Bang

Got7 Debuting

The rookie group has breathed new fun air into Kpop, and JYP, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

The Recasting of SBS’ Roommate

Because let’s be honest…things weren’t looking very good

 ….More Specifically Jackson


SM’s Best Decision of the Year, Unleashing Taemin To The World

But More Than Anything, Everyone Involved in Making This Happen


Tell us what you’re thankful to K-Entertainment for this year!

Happy Thanksgiving ^_^

Share your feels!

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