Nicole Drops “Mama” Video. Questioning Her Decision to Leave Kara


So former Kara rapper Nicole is back and flying solo under B2M Entertainment. She dropped her solo debut MV for “Mama,” and well…I’m bored. I really see nothing extraordinary that we haven’t seen from her as a member of Kara, and I question what all that U.S dance training was for if she wasn’t going to use it.

For this to be the first thing she releases after chuckin’ the deuce to DSP and Kara, I have to think she left because they wouldn’t let her have a full blown solo career in Korea. If that is the case, I see why.

I say it all the time, if an artist is gonna go solo, I don’t want it to be a reiteration of everything they do/did in their group because then what’s the point.

We wanna know what you think of solo Nicole! Share your thoughts with us in the comments and on social media!

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