GDYB Throws VIPs a Bone for Big Bang-less Year, “Good Boy” Proves They Bring Out The Weirdest In Each Other


So, the collabo VIPs have been waiting for finally happened. G-Dragon and Tae Yang dropped their single “Good Boy,” which is a part of YG’s new Hip Hop Project. But, we all know it’s their way of making up for Big Bang’s 2 year hiatus.

Now, I thought the song was super catchy, and I loved it, but it seems like the B-side of Tae Yang’s “Ringa Linga”...just with less Tae Yang. I pretty much love anything Big Bang related, but I wonder if this collabo was always in the works or just an after thought in response to some annoyed VIPs.

I will say, we did get to see some actual dancing from GD.

Can we take a moment for the hair in this video?


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