[Review] Super Junior’s 7th Album Offers Nothing But A Catchy Title Song. So…Business As Usual

7집 - Mamacita

After two years, military service, and personal hardships Super Junior returned with their 7th album “Mamacita.”

The teasers leading up to this comeback was hint enough that this song was going to be…confused. And, while “Mamacita” isn’t quite sure what type of song it is, it just barely makes it all work. The music video featured a storyline that struggled big time to find a place for all the members, something it shares in common with the song itself, which is really unfortunate for a 10 (sometimes 11) member, 9 year veteran group.


The opening of the song sounds like the intro of an old black and white cartoon, which works in terms of the old timey theme, however after 9 seconds the song makes a switch for a whole other sound I can’t quite categorize. From there on out the song seems to blur together with typical harmonizations, and a pretty uneventful instrumental. If not for the crappy Engrish bone SM threw to Shindong I’d have gotten completely lost in the songs struggle to actually progress.

As I established early on, this album is hardly worth the two year wait. Aside from “Mamacita,” and barely so, nothing really stood out on this album as memorable, which is hardly shocking seeing as the group made a pretty big musical flop with their last album, “Sexy, Free & Single.” To include a song about shirts, it seems glaringly obvious that this group has no idea what to sing about anymore, and are at a loss with their musical identity. It’s a shame, but if their are able to get over and past this hump of an album, it will prove to be a true testament to their longevity.



Mamacita (아야야)


춤을 춘다 (Midnight Blues)


백일몽 (Evanesce)


사랑이 멎지 않게 (Raining Spell for Love)



This Is Love

Let’s Dance


Too Many Beautiful Girls

환절기 (Mid-Season)





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