7 Things That Would Happen #IfChoiSiwonistheCEOofSM

7 Things That Would Happen #IfChoiSiwonistheCEOofSM

After a year of heartbreak and breaking news the announcement of Sungmin’s marriage sent Elfs and SM fans alike into a tail spin, so they turned to the one man who is sure to make it better, SM’s resident saint, Shisus. So it got me to thinking, what might actually happen if the Super Junior member were to take the reins and run SM.

So, here are a few of the things I think Siwon might change to make SM all better:

First order of business would be handing out Bibles to all…

which would be put to use every Sunday for morning, and evening services.

New rules would include no shirts. For anyone…

and training sessions would be modified to include lessons on how to destroy ovaries…


soul saving…

and creeper mustache growth

I don’t know about anyone else, but I motion that Siwon be appointed as CEO asap!

This post has been Shisus approved

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