Lee Hoon (Junyoung) is Back! Proves He Earns More Than The Average Korean

ZE:A Junyoung/Lee Hoo

Right when you thought the Junyoung (I’m just gonna refer to use the name I know him by) drama died down.

ZE:A’s leader is back after a month of honest to goodness confusion and possible craziness. If you remember, Junyoung took to twitter last month to declare war on his agency and the Kpop industry.  The whole Twitter rant lead to the revelation that the CEO of ZE:A’s agency, Star Empire Entertainment, was bankrupt and the members were not receiving fair pay. He even revealed that he had tried to kill himself at some point in the past. After news broke that the members had reached an agreement of some sort with the CEO the whole thing died down and got overshadowed by other drama (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).

Today Junyoung took to his Twitter to countdown of sum sort:


Followed by this image, which has since been removed.

Junyoung Income

The image reveals Junyoung’s yearly income to be 33,200,000 won which is about $31,188 USD. Keep in mind this just over the average income of about $31,051 USD in South Korea.

Only time will tell where this drama is headed to stay tuned to Asia 24/7 for all the latest.

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2 thoughts on “Lee Hoon (Junyoung) is Back! Proves He Earns More Than The Average Korean

  1. He retweeted this: “So if you take out the tax from the 33 million KRW that was received, then that’s about 3.2 million KRW. If you then proportion that 1/n (number of members) then that means the income is around 290,000 KRW (~ 272 USD). Everyone, Star Empire is just too much”.

    He doesn’t make 32,000USD, he makes far less than that.

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