Lee Joon Bids Farewell to Idol Life, To Become a Full Time Actor

Lee Joon joins this year’s long list of idols leaving their groups. News just came out that Lee Joon of MBLAQ has not renewed his contract with J. Tune Camp and will be leaving the group to further pursue his acting career. Since their last lack0luster comeback, MBLAQ has been MIA for the past year, so it could be lack of activities that spurred this all along. A representative from J. Tune camp revealed:

Lee Joon will be participating in the November concerts. We will be taking into consideration the other members’ wishes and thoughts along with the agency’s decisions to come to an official conclusion. Our agency will also be working hard to make the best decisions for MBLAQ.”

Thunder is rumored to be following suit, but no word from J.Tune on that yet. Member G.O, however, took to Twitter to make some shady comments:

TRANSLATION: “selfishness.”

TRANSLATION: “Eventually, consideration is what one must endure facing selfishness.”

TRANSLATION: “People who know understand all. Believe what you see as of now and as the time passes by you’ll understand.”

Lee Joon is a very talented individual and I am super stoked that he’s interested in full-on pursing an acting career. Out of all the idols who have crossed over into acting, he is one of the few who can truly go far with his career. Now the question everyone should be asking, is what will happen to the rest of MBLAQ?

Source: SBS

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