[Review] Beenzino Likes What He Likes on “Up All Night” Album

Up All Night

Up and coming rapper Beenzino of Illionaire Records released his provocative mini album “Up All Night” back in July, and with it made a strong case for indie music. While Beenzino has featured for a number of heavy hitting mainstream Korean artists, such as Lee Hyori, K.Will, Ha:tfelt, and more, he is still technically an indie/underground artist, but with his uniquely suggestive lyrics and chill rap style Beenzino is on the fast track to being mainstream himself.

For this mini album, Beenzino collaborated with producer Peejay and brand Wooyoungmi to create an album clearly inspired by sex.

Beenzino sought the help of the Korea’s Next Top Model: Guys & Girls cast to bring to life the essence of title song “How Do I Look?” The video was inspired by fantasies about what happens in a laundromat after dark, and depicts a number of different types of relationships all happening in one tiny laundromat. The song is a simple one that doesn’t necessarily scream revolutionary, but as one part of this whole album it is strong. A quality that follows through for the rest of the album.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

“Up All Night” is completely drenched in sex, and a love for the ladies. And, with lyrics like “I chase after girl’s asses” or “And I wonder if it’s pink? I wonder if it is Brazilian?” Beenzino is clearly aiming to push some boundaries. The entire album has a rarely seen fluidity, in that it takes you through the “night’s activities” as they happen, without seeming purposeful in any way. If this were a story, guy sees a girl he likes, they get naked, they do the deed, and they do it all night, and then the morning comes, BUT it’s not quite over yet. Closing the album out in an instrumental, leaves room for the listener’s imagination. A unique touch.

The best part of this album, is that Beenzino sheds light on a side of him that can’t be shown through featuring for more mainstream artists. He likes sex, he likes girls, and he’s owning that at every corner in the most explicitly clear way.



Jackson Pollock D*ick


How Do I Look?


미쳤어 (Mitch as F*ck) ft. Don Mills


Up All Night ft. Mayson The Soul


I Don’t Have To Work




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