[K-Style Fridays] Best & Worst Dressed: 19th Annual Busan International Film Festival

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The 19th annual Busan International Film Festival (BIFF) kicked off on October 2nd with some of Korea’s finest gracing the red carpet in their best fashions. The BIFFs are sort of the unofficial kick off to red carpet season, which means the return of ‘Best & Worst Dressed.’

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Let me start off by saying all but one person evaded the lack of tailoring that plagues every Korea red carpet. But, let’s start with a look at some of the not so nice looks. The good news about this year’s worst dressed is that they’re not nearly as bad as last year’s bunch.

Worst Dressed [19th Annual Busan International Film Festival]

First up we have Ms. Jackie-Of-All-Trades, Gu Hye Sun. There is only one time I’ve ever seen Gu Hye Sun look remotely comfortable in a dress, and happy to be on a red carpet and that was back in 2011 for the BIFFs. Gu Hye Sun is in my opinion a very one demential actress, she is always playing the same type of tomboyish role, and to me she tries to create an air of versatility with her fashion. The problem is, she NEVER looks comfortable. This girl just doesn’t seem to like wearing dresses, and that’s fine, but I can’t understand why her stylist doesn’t just rock the pants look all the way. Tilda Swinton is the queen of adrogeny and has rocked pants on just about every red carpet, including the Cannes Film Festival, so I KNOW Gu Hye Sun can do it.

I say all that to say, there is just no excuse for Gu Hye Sun’s look. It was WAY to big, there were too many shots of her dragging the dress around like it was 100 pounds. On top of that, it was a bad color for her skin, and was matronly in style. Nothing good.

Lee Honey was a big disappointment. It says a lot when 3rd runner up MISS UNIVERSE fails to tailor her dress. It would have been a knockout had she got the dress fitted to her body, instead she looked much bigger, which is a HUGE injustice.

Next is So Hyun. Her look bothered because it was essentially an oversized wedding dressed. She has such a long model-esque body that she could have rocked something so much more flattering, and something much more stunning than a WHITE DRESS!!!

Kang Ye Won just loves her boobs. She never misses an opportunity to show them off, but since the BIFFs were cracking down on over exposure, thanks to an excessive few, she had to cover her lady lumps in a cheap and tacky looking lace. Me no likey.

And finally, Jo Yeo Jung. She has one of the hottest bodies in all of Hallyuwood, and she covered up with an oversized curtain.

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Next, we move on to the so so looks. There were a few looks that just didn’t wowing me, but weren’t terrible either.

Clara always insists on wearing white down the red carpet, and she never takes the opportunity to show off the hot body she’s known for. Model turned actress Esom really didn’t move me because her dress was so ill fitting, Min Son Ah (don’t know who she is), while I felt her dress was abit cheap looking and not too appropriate for the event, didn’t actually look bad. Nam Gyuri and Go Ah Sung both had major fit issues that made them look bigger than they are. Kim Hee Jung (another mystery girl) could have knocked it out of the park if the lining of her dress weren’t so different from her skin tone, that made it look kind of cheap. Finally Yeom Jung Ah looked nice, but her dress was way too big.

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Now, finally, it’s time for the Best Dressed of the night!

Best Dressed [19th Annual Busan International Film Festival]

First is 14 year old Kim Sae Ron. Leave it to a 14 year old girl to put the women to shame. She was the ONLY person to tailor her dress, AND she was dressed completely appropriate for her age. Considering she’s been in the business from a very young age she is probably much more mature than the average 14 year old, and that was reflected in her dress. It was fitted and tailored to her body from the waist up, and then it came out like a tutu. Very nice.

Next is Go Eun Ah, she was so close to nailing her tailoring, but those her boobies were so smashed together that it just missed the mark of perfection. That color with her skin was perfection though, and I love that she actually DID HER HAIR.

My next pick was Kim So Eun, she was a knock out in red. She could have easily blended in with the carpet, but she was so stunning that it was not a problem. Only thing holding her back was, again, tailoring. It was waay to long, and like Gu Hye Sun there were shots of her dragging her gown around.

My 4th pick is veteran singer and actress, Uhm Jung Hwa. She was pretty and simple and gorgeous. If the dress was cut a few inches, it’d have been perfection. I do wish, however, that she hadn’t parted her hair down the middle, it looks weird.

And last, but not least, was Cha Ye Ryun. Good lord was she looking smoking. This is the first time I’ve seen a Korean actress nail the white look on the red carpet so well. Like the other women on the list she suffered from having a too long dress, but she was styled so well with the cuffs and slicked back hair that it was almost unnoticeable.

 What do you think of the red carpet looks from the 19th BIFFs? Share with us on social media and in the comments below!

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