Join The 5th Kpop Writers’ Workshop

The Kpop Writers' Workshop

The Kpop Writers’ Workshop is returning!!!!!

An invaluable experience for Kpop bloggers, new and veteran alike, The Kpop Writers’ Workshop gives writers access to an ever growing network of writers and writing opportunities that work together to help you improve your skills.

What Is The Kpop Writers’ Workshop?

“…a short term, peer-based learning program for writers who focus on Korean Popular Entertainment/K-Ent. [They] accept three types of critical pieces – formal review, op-eds and personal essays or creative non-fiction.”

What Is Their Mission?

“[They] strives to leave meaningful contributions to K-Ent. writing and journalism. We serve primarily to improve the quality of writing on Korean Entertainment by adapting a peer-based workshop model similar to that used by university creative writing programs for students and writing professionals alike. The independent, short-term nature of our program brings together diverse groups of writers, fans and individuals. This gives us a chance to build a community of peers, because we believe that writing is so much better when you have like-minded people to share your work with.”

What Are Their Goals?

“The Kpop Writers’ Workshop continuously refine our program and look for better ways to bring The K-Pop Writers’ Workshop to more writers. We are looking to strengthen our brand and solidify a place for ourselves in the K-ent writing community. We already supply writers and pieces to several major editorial teams, and we want to become known as a place where publications scout for prospective writers. The K-Pop Writers’ Workshop is a guarantee of training — editorial teams can be sure that writers who pass through our program have an advantage. Past workshops have allowed us to build and solidify our community of writers. In addition to continuing this growth, we want to keep our alumni involved with the workshop as well. Half of our partner sites are run by alumni and our entire team has joined past workshops as participants, but in the near future we also want to give our alumni a chance to contribute even more to the workshop process itself.”


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The chance to have your workshopped pieces featured on a major Kpop blog, as well as a chance to write for one of these blogs, which includes:

The One Shots

Beyonce Hallyu



Yours truly, Asia 24/7

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