Luhan to Leave EXO: Konspiracy Theories Are True, Rumors Are Now Law of the Kpop Land


Just days after konspiracy theories about Luhan’s departure from EXO flooded the internet, it hits the media that he is moving to terminate his contract. Apparently Luhan has filed a lawsuit to terminate his contract using Hangeng and Kris’ lawyer.

SM has decided to buy some time with another statement about needing to look into it and confirm. But, we don’t need their confirmation since Lay basically confirmed it for us:

“Hyung, goodbye. If we have the chance, let’s share a stage together again. As a brother, I support your every decision, good luck.”

No official confirmation from SM hasn’t stopped the nearly 10% drop in SM stocks:

All this comes a day after Leeteuk alluded to upcoming problems from and within SME on Radio Star:

“Do you think that would be it?…No one knows what will happen in future”

I mean, that statement though! Why would he phrase it like that? Now I feel like something really funky is going on at SM. So, I’m just gonna go ahead and predict something is coming with Soo Young.

But, I have to give it to the netizens/fans/sasaengs they were right on the money, and therefore I believe everything they say from now on. I am pissed at the support for Luhan though! Like, where the hell was that for Kris?!

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