Konspiracy Theory: Luhan Leaving EXO?


Fans certainly think so.

“There is a rumor that has been circulating around ever since Kris’s departure, I believe, that Luhan is also leaving Exo. It is because Kris and Luhan appeared on Weibo at the same time, so many fans thought that they could have chatted and kept in touch with each other. The rumor pretty much died down until it was announced that Luhan would be taking a break due to his deteriorating health. The issue was thought to just be minor — sorry for the lack of better word. Luhan came back during Exo TLPC in Beijing and everyone got reassured for a while. However, he still appeared to be very sick during the show. Cut to the chase, once again it was announced that Luhan will not attend the upcoming concert with Exo. The rumor goes wildly once again and many people have asked around at other Luhan’s blogs about Luhan’s whereabout. For now, he is still in Beijing. The rumor lately is that Luhan is indeed still stick and will be leaving Exo. The members have talked about it and the Luhan’s chinese fans are saying that in 2-3 days, around Oct. 5th – 8th, Luhan will officially leave Exo. Medias are already prepared to write about it. The reason why it was pushed back is because of the recent SNSD scandal. At first, I didn’t give a crap about the rumor, but since Kris’s fans also seemed to know about his lawsuit before international and korean fans did, and on top of that, SM company has been bombarded with continuous scandals, I am forced to believe in this rumor. Of course, I hope it won’t be true. After all, this is just a rumor so just take it with a grain of salt.

Some things to consider:

1) Tao appeared very sad at the airport. He recently uploaded a Meipai video with the following lines

很多时候我会很想回到从前, 活在那些美好的记忆里面

Many times I want to return to before, and live in those memories.

2) Sehun unfollowed everyone now. He changed his bio three times and now he is sticking to “Exo saranghaja”

3) Tao also unfollowed everyone except for Exo’s members although he is still following Luhan.

4) Lay appeared unusually clingy to Luhan at the Beijing concert.

5) Luhan still looks very sick and won’t attend the upcoming concert.

6) Luhan obviously refused to comment further about Kris on Happy Camp. He neither seemed sad or mad.

7) Oniontaker, a very famous SNSD insider, recently tweeted that he didn’t know Luhan’s family is ungodly rich. (I wonder if that means he knows Luhan is going to pay the contract breach fee)

8) Twinned Poison, a popular Hunhan fansite, mockingly tweeted that they wanted to send Luhan a condolence because Luhan’s MV has not appeared on 90:14 yet. (this really has little to do with the discussion since Luhan’s MV is up for next week.)

9) Exo has already started recording for the comeback but Luhan is still missing.”

Heck, one of his Korean fan sites shut down!

I’ve said that I’m believing every rumour about SM until proven otherwise, and Luhan rumours are no exception.

Luhan has been missing from SMTOWN stuff an awful lot due to exhaustion, and we all know the Kpop philosophy is pop til you drop.” SM hasn’t even addressed the rumours so all we can do is wait, but if rumours are right we won’t have to wait long.

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