Konspiracy Theory: Is Soo Young’s Position In SNSD Safe?

Soo Young & Jung Kyung Ho

So. Jung Kyung Ho is talking about marriage with Soo Young.

“While nothing has been decided, if there is an opportunity, it [marriage] might take place quickly.”

This comes 2 months after he said he’d propose to Soo Young if he won a ‘Best Actor’ award. However, I’m not taking this comment as just a man in love, fantasizing about his future. SM is too smart, and too rich to let talk of marriage for another SNSD member go public without good reason.

My thought process is this. One of two things is going on here. Either, SM has Jung Kyung Ho talking about marriage with Soo Young to quiet the rumors that they ended someone’s career because she wanted a life, or Soo Young is about to leave SNSD too. And, that’s not too much of stretch considering she was absent from SMTOWN Japan. along with EXO’s Luhan, and f(x)’s Sulli who are also embroiled is departure rumours.

That might not seem like sufficient reasoning, but like I’ve said, I”ve been living in the Kpop Twilight Zone ever since the impossible happened with Jessica leaving SNSD, therefore I believe every rumour and I live in conspiracy land.

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