[Review] TaeTiSeo Follows The Same Old, Same Old Routine With “Holler”

The 2nd Mini Album 'Holler'

Girls’ Generation’s sole sub-unit group, TaeTiSeo, has retuned after 2 years with their 2nd mini album “Holler.”

The SM trio is back again looking perfect and sounding perfect, with a title song not unlike their 2012 hit “Twinkle,” that displays no effort to set themselves apart from the main group. The girls make no attempt to experiment with their sound, vocal ability, or even image with “Holler,” but rather have decided to stick to an exact, one note, formula. A choice that makes me question the necessity of this group, because these three aren’t suffering from a lack of screen time as members Girls’ Generation.

This album is made up entirely of songs, hand picked by the members, that they felt best represented their hearts, minds and souls,” but considering this album sounds like just another run of the mill Girls’ Generation album, that would mean these girls are at their core SNSD, and nothing else. 

The running theme that everything involving Girls’ Generation has, that they’re perfect and always have guys running after them, is certainly old now. Everything that SNSD has ever represented just carries through with TaeTiSeo, and while they do possess vocal abilities that sets them slightly apart from the divine nine as whole, I’m not sure it is enough to justify their unit career. I want to see some vulnerability with this group. You can’t feel perfect all the damn time…or can you?

Overall, this album was sweet, and nice, and did nothing to deviate from the single note the group has strummed their entire career. None of the songs will make it to an SNSD greatest hits list, but at this point what else can be expected of the girls who “have it all,” and won’t (or possible can’t) do anything else but be perfect girls next door.





아드레날린 (Adrenaline)

내가 네게 (Whisper)




Only U





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