[Review] I’m Failing to Hear the “Evolution” in Jay Park’s Latest Album


Jay Park is back again with his second full length album “Evolution” after being hiatus from music for a little over a year and starting his independent label, AOMG, a year ago.

Lead single “So Good” falters in the same way “좋아 (Joah)” did. Overall it’s a pleasantly listen, but it fails to tap into Jay Park the artist. “So Good” was so littered with thinly veiled nods to the late Michael Jackson that it seemed more like a tribute than the lead single to his album.

Second single “약속해 (The Promise),” was a better in that it didn’t seem reminiscent of another artist’s style, but it still seemed familiar. It is at it’s core a typical R&B song, but it is refreshing to have Jay Park make his vocals the lead and put the loud and busy instrumental on the back burner, even if it is only for one song.

As for the rest of the album it is partially homage to Jay Park’s R&B roots and another part dedicated to his rap career, and a third part reserved for club music, which all together made for a very incohesive album. To start the album in a light and bouncy place with “좋아 (Joah),” and to somehow end up with songs like “미친놈 (Success Crazed)” was disorienting.

Jay Park had, until the end of his “Abandoned” promotions, established himself as an R&B artist. Then, he suddenly took an abrupt turn to Rap, which has produced rather explicit and frankly uncharacteristic songs. “Evolution” is a pretty average listening experience, but perfectly illustrates Jay Park’s state of mind as an artist at the moment. Rather than taking time to pursue one genre at a time he is throwing himself in three completely different directions and it’s leaving his music as confused and jumbled as he is.

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Track Score
So Good ft. Common Ground .5/1
약속해 (The Promise) .75/1
GGG .5/1
Who The F*ck Is U ft. B-Free & Take One .5/1
사실이야 (1hunnit) (Remix) ft. 로꼬 (Loco) & 스윙스 (Swings) .25/1
미친놈 (Success Crazed) ft. Gray, 로꼬 (Loco), 사이먼 디 (Simon D) & Trinidad James .5/1
Hot (Remix) with Cha Cha Malone .5/1
나나 (Na Na) ft. 로꼬 (Loco) & AOMG .5/1
Total 2/5

**score excludes previously released/remastered songs**

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