ZE:A’s Lee Hoo Takes To Twitter To Reveal Some Secrets & Promises to Reveal More About Agency CEO Then Deletes Them

ZE:A Junyoung/Lee Hoo

ZE:A leader Lee Hoo, formerly Junyoung, has taken to Twitter with the promise to expose/destroy his CEO. In his Twitter message Lee Hoo reveals a few shocking details about his life under Star Empire Entertainment. This comes days after he threatened to leave the group after getting into it with a fan on Twitter. He has now, however, deleted all these tweets with the exception of two where he asks if everyone loves him, and states that a king listens to the cries of his people.

The whole message seems to be in the form of a prayer and letter directed at the people who he says has hurt him, his family, and his members over the years. In the beginning of his letter he suggests that member Taehun, who recently made his MMA debut and suffered a broken nose during the fight, was forced to take a beating for the sake of TV and ratings:

“…Ah, and it would have been nice if while Taeheon was bleeding, I asked Tanaka to stop because I was the leader, I was his friend, and I was a member who loved him, because we had a concert the next day.. But this is broadcast, right..? I guess you wanted to air him bleeding even more. Since it’s the broadcast.. Ha..”

Later he goes on to say that he will no longer try to keep things that are happening to him a secret from the public. He also asks that fans, and especially the media follow his Twitter account so that they may help him expose his CEO/the industry for what it is:

“From now on, I’ll communicate and let the public know everything I’ve been keeping in my heart, what I saw with my eyes and the life I felt through my tears. Please follow me, everyone. I ask especially for reporters to follow me. I’ll hint and promise that my SNS will be the place for me to cry out about all the unfairness. From now on, I’ll live like a human and a man. I won’t pass by if I see unjustness. I shouldn’t keep it all in. All that came back to me were useless curses and the depression that trapped me.

There’s nothing long to be said. I believe that a true leader, a true king, and a true sincere person should know how to listen to the cries of his people. I can’t be trickily like a fox, but I will live justly like a lion. No, that’s just my style, I won’t hide it.

I will show you what a true leader is, what true sacrifice is, and I’ll show you how tears turn to fury. I’m not joking, from now on, fun things will happen. If my Twitter account gets deleted, or muted, you can take that to mean that I am being pressured by that kind of influence. But, I’ll break it all. ^^”

He goes on to reveal that had even tried to kill himself, apparently as result of Star Empire CEO Shin Joo Hak crossing a line with him. This is particularly interesting because it has just been revealed that a trainee from a mystery agency has been interviewed about being raped by the company’s CEO. Some are speculating that this may be connected:

“Now, I will ask the world my first question. Star Empire’s President, Shin Joo Hak, that I really trusted and loved… Is your conscience clear?

I cried and asked you.. CEO Shin Joo Hak… I asked you not to cross the line.. You crossed the line that you shouldn’t have and now you must deal with it. My lid is open. I have dealt with [everything], from hair loss to depression. Be prepared… President, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. All I wanted was a warm word.

You always said be a man.. be a man.. I’ll show you what it really means to live as a man. I’m not Jesus, but I’m a child of God, and I’ll trust in God and start war. I’ve even tried to [commit suicide].. and I saw my parents crying tears of blood in front of the family that I loved.

President Shin, [cry] the same tears. Why? It was so unfair and I was getting so weak and ugly.. but I was a man, so I decided I’d die before I got even more ugly.

My fans, my parents and the parents of the 9 members, and everyone in the world. Why do you think CEO Shin Joo Hak raised me as a killer? Now, I’ll return it back to you. Be prepared. Staring tomorrow, I will be uploading data. No, I’ll explode it. Do you remember when I asked if you were laughing at me?”

He finished with the promise to protect his groupmates, and a warning to his CEO that the other 8 members’ silence could not be bought:

“I’ll let you know how it feels like for that laugh to turn to horror. You called us your children, right? Your sons? Now, let me ask you the first question. All the money that the 9 [members] made bleeding and crying.. Where did it all go? Reply with your hand on your heart.

I’ll finish here today.. You said you were the company’s owner and CEO and you yelled at me to respect you right? I’ll respect you.. I grit my teeth today as well and I’ll stand back. Have a nice day.. CEO.. Why did you do this to me? I asked.. I asked you to please stop.

Ah.. And I forgot something. If you threaten to try to buy out the rest of the 8 ZE:A members, I will do the same back to you. I’m prepared to break that as well, so stop, president. I’m not going to bear it any longer.

Those kids.. ZE:A.. They’re my children. I’m the only child, and I was so lonely, and they became like brothers to me.. Don’t touch them.. They’re mine. Don’t take anything away from me anymore. I’ll become a killer to protect my members and our fans.. God, please help me, and listen to my prayers.

From now on, I’ll fight to protect my people. Lord.. Please forgive me for having such bad thoughts and acting badly for a bit.. as much as I believe in you, believe in me.. and I will work to clear the blame of the singers who are being unfairly blamed. Amen..”

I have NO idea what he could possible have to reveal, but if somehow he doesn’t get silenced or his account blocked, I feel like whatever Junyoung/Lee Hoo has to say will be something to really reshape our idea of what the Kpop industry is. Seeing that he has deleted all this, who knows if it will even happen or if it will ever be addressed. I’m mostly interested to see, if this really turns into something, will his members will support him, and follow suite.

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5 thoughts on “ZE:A’s Lee Hoo Takes To Twitter To Reveal Some Secrets & Promises to Reveal More About Agency CEO Then Deletes Them

  1. He is obviously in pain. I really feel for young adults in the entertainment industry anywhere. I’m sure they’ve had to sell more than just their soul to get to where they are.

    1. I know some people have do some serious things to get fame, but I am just curious what this is all about. He keeps posting these vague messages, and then deleting them, then reposting one. It’s odd behaviour.

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