[GIF Appreciation] 5 Times 2pm’s “Go Crazy” Reminded Us of “Hands Up”

The new party boys of Kpop are back again after a one year hiatus with their their second party anthem, “미친거 아니야? (Go Crazy).” While it was the perfect soundtrack to a night of getting absolutely wasted, something about this new MV seemed all too familiar.

Check out the 5 times we felt “미친거 아니야? (Go Crazy)” was a follow up to “Hands Up”

The Line Up

Lining up is good for chugging drinks and a drunken can can

 The Flailing of Hands

Wave ’em in the air like you just don’t care

 Nichkhun’s Expressions

Tiffany loves them, and so do we

The Party Boy Conga Line


Woo Young Partying

Looks like nobody loves a party (or getting up close with the camera) more than Woo Young

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