12 Kpop Stars Who Went From Background to Spotlight

Ever wonder how some of your favorite Kpop stars got their start? So were we!! So, we’ve put together a list of singers and rappers who have made the transition from backup dancer to celebrity. Check out or list of 12 artists who went from the being in the shadows of stars to becoming stars themselves.


Background Appearance(s): Jinusean’s “Phone Number,” BoA’s “My Name” Live Performances, and MUCH more

There’s a reason Kahi is such a stellar dancer, it’s because she had years of practice a background dancer for some of Korea’s biggest names! You can spot her twerkin’ and workin’ it in tons of videos including Jinsuean’s “Phone Number.” She was even the featured rapper for Son Dambi’sBad Boy


Background Appearance(s): 2pm’s “10 out of 10,” HyunA’s “Change” Live Performances

It’s another case of a pre-debut cameo. While she was still a trainee for CUBEG.NA appeared in 2pm’s debut MV “10 out of 10” as the hot girl they all wanted to get with!

Kim Min Jong

Background Appearance(s): Uhm Jung Hwa’s Live Performances, Kim Wan Sun

Before he was a singer for KoyoteKim Jong Min was a background dancer for the D.I.S.C.O diva Uhm Jung Hwa, Kim Wan Sun, Lee Jung Hyun and a tons more top singers from the 90s.


Background Appearance(s): Kikwang (then A.J)

Member Kikwang started his career as a singer just 6 months earlier than his B2ST bandmates under the name A.J, but they appeared as his backup dancers during his promotions. Doo Joon and Junhyung made appearances as rappers for Kikwang’s “Wiping The Tears” MV


Background Appearance(s): After School Blue’s “Wonder Boys”

Just before their debut NU’EST appeared in their labelmates’, After School sub-unit After School Blue’s “Wonder Boy” music video.


Background Appearance(s): Hyun Sook, and more

Super Junior’s Shindong said he wasn’t originally going be an idol, but he it turns out he was a background dancer as well.


Background Appearance(s): JYP

Believe it of not, the international idol and actor, Rain, started as a dancer for the man who discovered him Park Jin Young, best known as JYP.


Background Appearance(s): S.E.S

Wheesung is now know for his vocal strengths, but he originally was a backup dancer for girl group S.E.S, just like two future singers coming later in our list.


Background Appearance(s): Rain’s “안녕이란 말대신 (Instead of Saying Goodbye)” promotions

The second member of longest running co-ed group Koyote to grace our list, Baekha was dancer for mister world star Rain.

Eric & Andy

Background Appearance(s): S.E.S’s “I’m Your Girl”

Now the rappers of legendary, and longest running boy band in Korea, Shinhwa, Eric and Andy started off as both background dancers AND rappers for ever popular girl group S.E.S.


Background Appearance(2): Seo In Young’s “Cinderella”

Former idol Viki had been in the business long before she was the leader of girl group Dal★Shabet. She made an appearance as a background dancer in fashionista Seo In Young’s “Cinderella” MV.

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