[GIF Appreciation] 16 Kpop Kings & Queens of Resting Bitch Face

16 Kpop Kings & Queens of Resting Bitch Face

Resting Bitch Face: a person, usually a girl, who naturally looks mean when her face is expressionless, without meaning to.

As someone one accused of looking, mad, mean, upset and sad because of her RBF, I can understand and sympathize with all those who suffer through being accused of being angry when in fact their just loving life! Check out this list of Kpop artist who join me in the struggle of living with Resting Bitch Face.


Miss Queen Bee herself! Jessica’s resting bitch face is so intense it earned her the nickname “Ice Queen.”



Brian’s been perfecting the resting bitch face since 1999!




Jessica’s mini me, and little sister has attracted her fair share of criticism for her serious face.

Dae Sung


Another victim of netizen criticism for having a not so pleasant serious demeanor.



Seungyeon says she has learned to smile at all times because she has been misunderstood so much as a result of her unapproachable serious face.

Ga Yoon

Tae Yeon



Hyorin has made a name for herself in the bitch department. Netizens have had a lot to say about this girl looking less than happy when she’s not smiling.


Jo Kwon

Mr. Divo, 2am leader, Jo Kwon is the ultimate at the RBF.

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But remember, Resting Bitch Face or not, you’re still fabulous!

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