Complete Break Down of Dahee/Lee Byung Hun Scandal

Dahee & Lee Byung Hun

  • It is revealed that Lee Byung Hun had been blackmailed for $5 million dollars with a video of the actor being vulgar/lewd by to women
  • Blackmailers revealed to be GLAM’s Dahee and model friend
  • Dahee admits to blackmailing him and manager reveals [Dahee] is reflecting on her actions. As the investigation is still in the early stages, the agency revealed that they will be monitoring the investigations and its results.
  • Recording is revealed:

“When was your first sexual experience?”

“What part of the male body turns you on?”

“Do you like the face more or the body more?”

  • It’s revealed Dahee and friend were planning to flee after receiving money

“This is a premeditated crime as the suspects schemed to steal from Lee Byung Hun and run off to another country, judging by the fact that they had already prepared passports to Europe. They asked for 5 billion won which refers to the special criminal law which can sentence them to up to 5 years in prison…Although Lee Byung Hun is the victim here, media has been reporting unidentified facts which has led to rumors and speculations, causing more harm. We have decided that these rumors and speculations can’t be left dismissed so we have submitted a request for research to the Cyber Investigations and this will be dealt with forcefully”

  • It’s revealed that due to a special law, Dahee and friend could face life in prison

“A felony amount of 50 billion in golden bars required pursuant to Law No. 3 regarding the weighting of certain economic crimes for which the punishment is life imprisonment or imprisonment of more than five years.”

 Stay tuned for more information as it is released

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