[UPDATED] EunB’s Funeral; Ashley & Zuny Attend; Member Condition Update; Apink Honors EunB & Sends Prayers to Ladies Code

EunB (2)

  • EunB’s funeral has been held. A over 50 k-celebs went attended, paid their respects, and said farewell to the girl group member:

Apink, B1A4, Dal Shabet, BTS, BIGFLO, BESTie, Super Junior, N.CA, Secret, Sunny Hill, KARA, Girl’s Day, TAHITI, N.FLYING, Block B, Cross Gene, JJCC, Halo, Rumble Fish, Yang Donggun, Kim Bumsoo, Kim Yeonwoo, Kim Changryul, Junghwa, musical actor Sunwoo, Yoo Seungwoo, Seonwu Jaeduk, BUZZ’s Yoo Woohyun, Don Spike, Kim Jedong, Yoo Jaesuk, Kim Sunkyung, VOX’ Choi Hyunjoon, Song Gayeon, Seo Doowon, FT Island’s Choi Minhwan and Song Seunghyun, GI, AlphaBAT, Park Jungchul, BIG, TINT, Hello Venus, Rhymer, Bumkey, TROY, AOA, San E, Jung Junha, Lee Kyun, Ok Jiyoung, Block B’s P.O

  • Among the attendees were injured members Ashley and Zuny, and pictures of the two girls have been released. EunB will be cremated in the next few days at Skycastle Memorial Park. Polaris Entertainment released this statement:

Ashley and Zuny visited EunB’s wake with staff personnel at 5:30AM. Ashley and Zuny are still in shock and cried a lot.”

  • Also, the members of Apink who were scheduled to perform with Ladies’ Code at Namseoul University Festival, took a moment to pray for the group.
  • As for members Rise and Sojung. Sojung is scheduled for surgery later today, and Rise still has not regained consciousness.
  • Doctors are focused on Rise. Quoted as saying:

“The biggest concern is whether [Rise] will survive. She has yet to regain consciousness, and is still in the neurosurgical intensive care unit (ICU) to address the significant injuries to her head.”

Stay tuned to Asia 24/7 for more information on the group as it is released.

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