Ladies’ Code Accident: Details of Accident, Rise & Sojung Out Of Surgery, Manger Charger With Involuntary Manslaughter


  • It was revealed that the crash was caused by the wheel of the van falling off. Reports of the driver also passing away can’t seem to be verified (more to come later).
  • Members Sojung and Rise came out of surgery. However, while Sojung has been stabilized, Rise has been put in the ICU (Intensive Care Unit). It’s being said that after 11 hours and three surgies, they had to stop operating on Rise due to extreme swelling of the brain, and rapid drop in her blood pressure. CPR was performed, but she still has not regained consciousness. There is also rumor that Sojung has been disfigured, but not confirmed
  • Police release statement on EunB’s passing:

“We went to the hospital after being contacted at daybreak…She entered the hospital in a deceased state.  There was no medical malpractice,” and, “We heard that she was on her way to her dorms after attending the recording of KBS’s ‘Open Concert’ in Daegu.”


  • A memorial services was held for EunB by her family
  • The van is revealed to be a Hyundai Grand Starex, which isn’t known to be a safe car
  • Singer, Eru, makes statement on Twitter regarding the accident

TRANSLATION: If you are to assign them a hectic schedule, you must take take good care of them. The safety of those who are assets to your company should be more important than their schedules. No matter how bothersome it may be, you must always check the condition of the car being mobilised and the driver who is to drive. To all the managers in the entertainment industry.

  • Fans make Ladies’ Code’s “I’m Fine Thank You” tops the charts
  • The black box is recovered, and reveals the airbags did not deploy. However, due to no CCTV in the area or witnesses, it is unclear how fast the driver was going.
  • The girls’ manger has been charger with involuntary manslaughter for failing to maintain the car. The National Scientific, Criminal & Investigation Laboratory will continue to investigate in the next week.
  • It was revealed that the van had swerved to avoid another car, causing the crash
  • There were a total of 11 emergency vehicles and 32 firefighters at the scene. The Yongin Fire Department released this statement:

“The emergency squad that was first to arrive at the scene reported it.”

  • Sojung is said to have suffered from fractured bnes
  • Sojung, and EunB’s body is being moved to Korea University’s Anam Hospital. EunB’s funeral has been set for September 5, 8am KST.
  • Reporter, and EunB’s in law, Kim Sung Joon releases statement on the accident:

At the time of Ladies’ Code’s debut, there was an article that was released about EunB and my relationship as in-laws, which quite a lot of people remember.  In truth, unlike what the articles said at the time, I was not that close to EunB.

The only connection we had was when EunB was a female middle school student with a dream to be on TV when she grew up.  After [her debut], whenever Ladies’ Code came out on the screen, I would be interested in whether she was doing well and would watch over her and even occasionally send supportive SNS messages.  I was proud that this child with a dream was achieving her dreams one by one.

I need to relay the news of this accident on the 8 o’clock news today, but I don’t know what to do.  It pains me that at the prime moment she was about to start fulfilling her dream, when this child was at the starting point of racing to the future, she was unable to go any further because of an unfortunate accident.

Stay tuned for more info as it is released.

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