[BREAKING] Ladies’ Code Involved In Car Crash, EunB Passes Away; Lee Sojung and Kwon Rise Critically Injured


EunB of Ladies’ Code has passed away at age 21. At about 1:20am KST, Ladies’ Code’s van slipped on highway, due to it being wet from rain, and crashed into the protective wall on the Yeongdong Expressway on their way to Incheon. EunB died on the scene, while member Lee Sojung and Kwon Rise are in critical condition and receiving surgery. The driver also passed away, while the remaining members and their stylist who was also in the car, sustained minor injuries.

Polaris Entertainment released this statement as well as photos from the scene:

“Ladies’ Code were in a car accident on their way back from a schedule. We are still grasping the cause of the accident and will update on the situation as quickly as possible.”

Our condolences to her family, the Ladies’ Code members, and Polaris Entertainment. May EunB rest in peace.

4 thoughts on “[BREAKING] Ladies’ Code Involved In Car Crash, EunB Passes Away; Lee Sojung and Kwon Rise Critically Injured

  1. This is very sad, I hope both EunB and Rise’s families and friends are coping alright. 😦
    Also that all the rest of the members have a speedy recovery.

    I wanted to add that the technical term for what happened to the van is that it hydroplaned. Hydroplaning is when the water acts to as a barrier between the tires and the road, reducing friction enough to make brakes ineffective.
    It causes many accidents each year on the west coast of Canada where rain is a frequent occurrence.

    1. I am so shocked by all of this two. I am really heartbroken by it all.

      Also, it’s been revealed that it wasn’t because of the rain that the car crash, but because they were swerving to avoid another car when the wheel fell off.

  2. Reblogged this on and commented:
    MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS GO OUT TO FAMILIES AND FRIENDS to everyone connected and involved. RIP EunB and safe quick recovery for SeJung and Rise.. XOXOOXOXOX

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