Oh Dear, G-Dragon’s Got All ‘Kiko’ Problems

After being challenged by a number of celebs, Big Bang leader G-Dragon accepted and completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Shortly after, G-Dragon’s private/personal Instagram account was discovered, and a video of him doing the ALS challenge again surfaced. This would be all fine and dandy, but in the video he is heard saying in English he challenges his “dear Kiko.”

Weeeelll. This wouldn’t be anything to interesting if G-Dragon wasn’t rumored to be dating Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara for the last umteen years.

Kiko Mizuhara

Of course, the account along with the video has since been deleted, but this has served as unofficial proof that these two are in fact an item, despite break up rumors a little while back. Now, I’m a big ol’ fan of GD’s but, I can give a flying squirrel whether he has a girlfriend or not, but of course the same can’t be said for the psychos out there. This video has ignited a flurry of hate, and delusion all directed at Kiko:

In a situation like this, it all comes down to lying. It’s been years already, as we’ve learned from Sulli & Choiza or even Taeyeon & Baekhyun, fans hate lying. Why lie if y’all are dating? At this point, it’s like just own it, and say f*ck you to all who don’t like it.

But, besides they absolute refusal to just admit that they’re an item, my problem is with this video. If the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is meant to raise money and awareness, why in the name of all things chocolate covered would G-Dragon think it a good idea to go and make a SECOND video, and a private one at that? Am I wrong or does that defeat the purpose of the whole thing?

The boy was recently complaining about the inability to get some privacy, and while having his personal account hacked was a huge violation…I have to say all this craziness is his own fault. There was just no need for a second video. Obviously it was the only proof on the account that he and Kiko are together because if there were pictures and videos of them huggin’ and kissin’ it up, the crazy who hacked the account would have been sure to spread those around as well.

What do you think of G-Dragon’s relationship? The fan reactions? Share your opinions in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Oh Dear, G-Dragon’s Got All ‘Kiko’ Problems

  1. It is just so much. I can never understand loving someone that much..especially someone you will probably never meet. I think GD has a right to do what he wants but he should be ready for the aftermath. It sucks and it may not be fair but it comes with the territory that the Korean entertainment industry seems to breed into a lot of their fans.

    1. Every celebrity gets fans who don’t want them to date anyone, but Kpop celebs do seem to breed those type of fans more often. If they just live their lives, and set boundaries these obsessive fans, and sasaeng fans won’t have room to do what they do. It’s like just so weird. American celebrities date, and break up like it’s going out of style, but their significant others don’t get this kind of hate. I think it’s all about the boundaries they set.

      1. I totally agree with you. Although, I think it is different in the States, celebrity isn’t necessarily dictated so hard by the fans. At least not in the same way it is in Korea. But it is about the lack of boundary setting.

      2. Every celebrity is dictated by fans, that’s how they earn their money. It’s just Kpop treats the excessive fans as just part of the “culture” when in fact it’s kind of scary.

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